Friday, August 14, 2009

Random thoughts and pictures

So, yesterday was one of those days.  I decided to try and teach this little princess how to start picking up after herself.  We had been playing in the floor with some rubber bands and when we finished I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to clean up.  Easy right?  Put the bands in the baggie.  Should take mere minutes, if not seconds...not for this child.  After 2 hours of standing firm that she was going to be the one to pick them up...we were still waiting... 

Shoo, we made it.  She finally had picked them all up.  I took the pic above right after she finished...looks exasperated doesn't she? Too funny.  Notice lunch on her ballet dress? Then, she was quiet in her room for just a few minutes....I should have known...
We had ourselves another mess....Round #2 ding, ding, ding!, why do stores carry bathing suits for newborns?  Seriously, why?  I can tell you why...because idiots like me will buy them just to get a matching picture of her little bits!  Sorry, Charlotte.  One day you will hate me because of the pictures I took of you in this thing.  Cute on the hanger.  Not so cute on a 7 pounder.  Poor thing, looked like a little ole man in a tiny (but very cute) bathing suit!  
Nana and Papaw with their girls

Grandma B, Gator, M and my brood
Softa and Pop with our sweets!

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  1. Pics are so cute! I am glad I found your blog! Love and miss you guys