Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy 1 Month Bday, Charlotte!

Happy 1 Month Birthday, my little girl (yesterday)!! I wake up each day praising our Lord for your sweet life.  Your Daddy and I are blessed beyond measure with the two of you.  Our lives feel more complete than ever before.  Thank you, Lord, for choosing this child for me to love! I'm honored to be your Mommy and am so anxious to see what God has in store for your precious life. 

What a month it has been. We are learning everyday, more and more, how to be a family of four. Wow, a family of FOUR!  I love how that sounds.  Todd and I are working out the kinks of the nighttime (and morning) routine with each sunset and may I just say...he is the best Daddy ever.  His heart is so open to love thes
e girls how THEY need to be loved.  He can make Caroline laugh harder than anyone.  Last night I watched them play hide and seek with a broken comb for over a half an hour.  They were laughing hysterically.  Only a Daddy could make something so simple become a fun game.  Thank you, baby, for loving our girls so much!!

Charlotte is becoming more aware of the world each day.  She's really gaining control of her head and loves to look around at everything. Her cry is one of the sweetest I've ever heard, and thankfully, I don't hear it very often!!  We struggle during the "witching hours" (3-7), then she starts to settle down and is pretty stinkin' precious the rest of the night.

Big Sis, Caroline, is just smitten by her.  I have to keep my eyes on both of them CONSTANTLY because she definitely thinks she is the Mommy sometimes.  But, each day it is getting better and we are both learning where the boundaries need to be.  

When I started this blog, I said I wanted to record stuff for the girls about our everyday life. So, humor me with this story.  Caroline had opened her sippy cup during her nap and poured her water EVERYWHERE.  This is a pretty typical Caroline moment.  She "just wanted to see what was in there, Mommy." So, after I washed and dried the sheets, she and Todd worked on putting them back on.  Todd was telling her that they had to put the sheet with the elastic on before the other one and she looked up at him, quite like a little lady and said, "Oh, I was not aware of that."  Seriously, I was not aware!!  Where does this child get her vocabulary!!  

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  1. all sweet pictures. I think Caroline and Davis could hold a great conversation!